Tagging Quotes, Highlights and Annotations and Adding Page Numbers

Zotero has added a new feature to its Reading app- tagging quotes. When I highlight a quote I can put a page number in (for when the meta-data does not pick up the correct starting page) and tags for that particular highlighted annotation. Some quotes fit well into methodology quotes and ideas while other topic area of study as examples. Some quotes fit in multiple areas. Then I can sort my quotes and export by tags. This feature has me seriously considering a transfer.

Will this feature be available in paperpile and if so- any plan of when?


Hi @Linda_Doyle, welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We don’t currently have plans to implement tagging of annotations, but I have added your request to our internal tracker for when our product team start to consider implementing improvements to the PDF viewer.

If you’re open to trying a new note-taking app (unless you already use something similar) you can sort of do this if you use Paperpile with Obsidian. It’s what I’ve started doing recently and I’m loving it. As you make annotations you can add notes with either a [[backlink]] to a specific page (e.g. a topic) or a #tag (e.g. #methodology, #idea, #question etc.).
Then when you export those annotations to Obsidian it automatically renders the backlinks/tags to those topics/categories so you can sort them that way.

I won’t turn this into a whole guide on backlinking but if you’re interested check it out! (Fair warning that it can turn into a huge procrastinatory rabbit hole if you’re not careful)