Text selection context menu on iOS app not working properly

For quite some time the text selection context menu has not been popping up in the iOS app. I can still select the text, but no usual iOS menu shows up (Copy, Look Up, Share…), which means that the only way to copy the text is by dragging it into another app.

I am not sure if this is a bug or a design choice, but I do think it is inconvenient for the user.

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@marko it’s by design choice, for now. We tested these features on an earlier version of the beta and deactivated them a while back, but my understanding is that we’ll be bringing them back at some point. I’ve added your feedback to our internal tracker for the team to keep track.

Dear @vicente

I’m mainly using paperpile on iPad.
I’m eager to returning of the context menu on iOS.
I find it very stressful when translating pdf text and searching short-words on the internet. I think those troubles are caused by the lack of a context menu (to copy the text, we have to pinch in with three fingers).
Is the revival of the context menu on your roadmap?
I want them to back soon :slight_smile:

Tatsuya Takahashi

@vicente how are we progressing with this? Current system really doesn’t make much sense. It is very unintuitive to use and makes work harder.

Thanks @iwa_sheep for the bump and @marko for the follow up. No news on this front I’m afraid; we understand the inconvenience this poses but have not yet managed to prioritize re-implementing context menu options. Significant complications are involved due to the way we’ve set up the mobile reader.

Despite this, we will keep the topic in mind moving forward. Sorry I don’t have solutions to share yet.

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Thanks for your reply.
I’m looking forward to the day when the feature will be implemented.

Am I seeing this right, you fixed it in the newest update? :smile:

That’s right, @marko - you can now copy text from the mobile viewer. Thanks for the update here :raised_hands:t4:

It’s much more usable and enjoyable this way. Thanks for listening the feedback.