The crash of Citation formatting when several Google accounts are signed in

Dear Paperpile,

Today I was trying to format the citation but it appears to be error or something, saying that several accounts were signed in. After I signed out other accounts and only signed in to the one I’m using for Paperpile, the formatting worked just fine.

If you could fix this, I’d be greatly appreciated. Because I normally log in to several accounts at the same time because of the nature of my work, if I need to sign out every time I use this function, it’s not quite convenient.

In conclusion, my request would be that could you please make the citation formatting works when several google accounts are signed in?

Thank you.

Unfortunately this is not a bug we can fix; Google gives us no control over which account our Apps Scripts requests get sent to, so they can and do get sent to the wrong account when multiple are logged in. There are, however, two workarounds.

The easiest is to separate your account activities using Chrome People/Profiles. This allows you to have separate unconnected instances of Chrome running. Having one profile per Google account is a robust way of circumventing this problem.

The other solution is to use our sidebar add-on to format citations. It communicates directly with the document, and so circumvents the problems with the App Scripts requests.

Hi Jason

Thank you for the advice. I will try that.