"There was an error formatting your citations"

When I resolve/update citations, I get the dreaded “There was an error formatting your citations. Please try again later” message. Everything appears to be citing properly. I’m in a 29K word doc that won’t get longer, but I’m now adding the citations with paperpile; up to about 50 and it will probably reach 250 or so.

Curious what the future holds for me. Should I be worried?


In general it is easier for us to help if you contact us in the in-app chat or by emailing support@paperpile.com, the reason being that we know which account is having the issue and can more easily ask for further details.

That said, the formatting function in our optional sidebar tends to be more robust on larger documents. To open it, go to Add-ons --> Paperpile --> Manage citations, in the Google Docs menu. Then click the big red button to format.

Thanks. I just followed up by email with ref to this thread.