Thoughts on kopernio?

Someone recently directed me to the kopernio chrome extension. While my university doesn’t have EZProxy access, kopernio was able to identify my university and seem to be able to do something similar with regard to getting me access to papers. No idea how this works, but wondering if this is something that could (or should?) be integrated into Paperpile?


Thanks Kerim for mentioning this. Even without better integration with PP, any app that decreases the hop-scotch needed for some publishers when they don’t play nice with PP is always welcome.

I’ve been using kopernio for years and it would be great if it was integrated indeed

If Paperpile finds the PDF to be behind a paywall, it will use the same service as Kopernio does (Unpaywall API) to get to a freely accessible PDF. Could you point us to any cases where Kopernio can fetch a PDF and Paperpile can’t, we would be happy to fix that asap.


One example is - paperpile was not able to fetch even though I am behind the institutional firewall and logged in as a society member. Kopernio was able to download the PDF.

another example: doi: 10.1001/jamadermatol.2017.3593

Another example where paperpile is unable to access the PDF but as you can see, Kopernio does. This time, I am outside of the firewall.

In the grand scheme of things, Kopernio is a nice service that can be installed alongside paperpile as a backup for PDF access but offers very little besides getting PDFs.

I think Kopernio uses more than just the Unpaywall API. This article suggests that they also have their own sources or crawler that finds additional links somehow… The article also mentions some additional services I hadn’t known about:


FWIW Kopernio just got bought by Clarivate and is now rebranded as EndNote Click. Given how usable endnote is (not), I figure it will either cease meaningful development or get seriously buggy as time passes.