Thumbnail for each paper entry


It would be fantastic to get an (optional) thumbnail preview for each entry. Some papers are much easier to identify with a representative image.

The current list view could then be changed to a tile view. Or the thumbnail could be on the left side of each item (might be easier).

Mockup: Dropbox - paperpile-mock-01.png - Simplify your life
Inspiration: Conference Programs

Some suggestions

  1. the thumbnail could be a manually added image.
  2. the thumbnail could the first page of the PDF.
  3. the thumbnail could the first image of the PDF.

Thanks for considering!



Welcome to our forum, @dalind, and thanks for taking the time to illustrate and share your feedback. Some of the updates we are working on now (check out our roadmap) will indirectly affect library display. In the past we’ve found that users are pleased with the current display so we have not prioritized changing it. However, the matter is on our radar since we do intend to offer alternative list layouts/customization options further down the road. I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker.

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Thanks a lot, @vicente !

I can see that the feature might only be useful to a subset of users. On the other hand, that might be a nice visual differentiator from the competition. Anyhow, thanks for considering!

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