Transparent Paper Title in Android Tablet Version


When using the Android tablet app to read papers, the paper title appears at the top of the toolbar. In a semi-recent build (I would estimate a month or so ago but that is very rough), the title no longer appears in black but in a light gray color making it difficult to read. See below for an example. It would be nice if a darker text color were used.

I tested it in both light and dark mode and saw the problem with both.

Where Reproduced

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7+

I tried to reproduce this on the Pixel 3XL but the interface is different and does not appear to be present (or at least I could not quickly cause it to happen).

Image of the Issue The paper title is “Hara et al. 2019 - Data cleansing…”

Thanks for the report here as well, @ZaydHammoudeh - will let you know when I hear back from the team.

We were able to reproduce this - seems like there are different style settings for the title when the Android app is opened on tablet. The issue does not seem to occur on phones. The team is now aware so a fix is likely to be included over one of our next updates.