Turn web links into references

Hi Paperpile,

I’ve just been trying out the software and wanted to suggest a functionality that probably matches a quite frequent use case:

Corporate R&D google docs are often written as a quick sketch, never really intending to be shared outside the organisation.

This means a large number of outside links (instead of citations+bibliography) to papers embedded throughout a document.

Of course sometimes those messy docs do end up being turned into a paper / client brief, and they need proper in-line citation styles and bibliography instead of the easy-to-use but ugly links within the text.

Therefore I imagine a button that turns “links-to-citations” and one that does the reverse (“citations-to-clickable doi links”) in the whole document or in a current selection would be an extremely useful feature, especially for corporate clients less familiar with reference managers.

Let me know if something like this is feasible, and if you are interested in developing it.


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Thanks for the feedback and request, Gergo. This makes sense to me as a potentially useful addition; I can’t say we’ve had similar requests so far nor do I think the idea is currently on the team’s radar so I’m creating a new topic on our internal tracker for us to consider going forward.

We prioritize feature implementation based on user demand. Any +1s are welcome here or via chat/email (support@paperpile.com).