Two capital letter names

I have an odd situation where an author’s given name is just two capital letters, and they are NOT initials. It should look something like this (last name, given name):

Poppins, MK

What I get in the bibliography is:

Poppins, M. K.

Is name disambiguation doing this? Is there a simple way I can suppress this just by editing the citation information in Paperpile, or is this something I’d need to edit on the csl end?


jlancaster, the workaround for strange names (such as this) is to put squiggly brackets around the name as you want it to appear. For example, {Poppins, MK}. The squiggly brackets tell PP to view the text as a literal - i.e., do not parse. I use the squiggly brackets for organization names, such as {American Psychological Association}.


Beautiful, thank you very much!