Two page view and horizontal scroll

Firstly, thank you for all your great work and evident commitment to your user base.

PDF annotator looks great with dark mode! ! :orange_heart:

Personally, I feel that the inclusion of display options such as multi-page view and horizontal scroll would GREATLY enhance the reading and annotation workflow. Especially with 16:9 and ultrawide displays becoming the norm.

Anyone agree? Perhaps this could be added in the next update!

Thank you!! :pray:



I’d love this feature (two page view, although in my case still vertical scroll). I recently started using paperpile/pdf viewer and its one thing that I miss from my local PDF viewer (zathura).

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Hi Team, this is a really useful feature that could stand out from all other shabby pdf viewers and could make reader’s lives much easier. It makes reading while scrolling even fun to do on any electronic device, even more fun than reading a real book. In addition, Google Chrome already included this feature in its new update. (

Is there a possibility that you would support this feature soon?


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Here seems to be the feature added to chromium, not sure if it is of any help here.

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@Sean-Lee, @pedro, @ZugunruheKami - thank you for the requests. Just confirming this is already on our internal tracker with your feedback included for the team to consider over future reviews. It might also be relevant to point out both two-page view and horizontal scrolling are available via our mobile apps :+1:t4:


That’s indeed great to hear! It’s inspiring that this feature could attract some attention for users / developers for future development as it had been pretty popular and standard with PDF-readers. Thanks for making this already happen in the mobile version. I would try that more often than now for sure :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about Chrome’s new feature. Thanks for sharing !!!

It’s ALL about the two-page scroll l!!!