uBlock Origin blocks support window


not a problem on your end but something I noticed: I was wondering where the in-app support chat went when I realized it might get blocked by my ad-blocker. Disabling uBlock got it back for me.

Thanks so much for posting this. @stefan sent me a coupon on the in-app messages, and I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t open the inbox, so I assumed it just hadn’t gone through.

I just noticed that uBlock Origin also blocks the “Add to Paperpile” button on Google Scholar. Disabling it brings the button back, but I couldn’t figure out a way to only whitelist the Paperpile importer. I don’t want to disable uBlock for the whole scholar domain…

Any ideas?

Can you try again? It might have been another issue which we fixed with today’s update.

Also, there are no ads on Google Scholar. If you trust the content presented to you by Google Scholar for your research you should also trust Google Scholar enough to whitelist the domain.

Tried all possible ways and the Paperpile buttons are always there :blush: