Unable to add a user on my account




I have a 2 user plan; one of the users has changed, so I revoked her access… But now I can’t find a way to enable access for another user?




Just share the license key with the new user. He or she can start a trial and then upgrade the account with this code.

Hope this helps. If not please contact us through the in app support widget.


Ok, thanks!


Stefan - this should be spelled out on the settings page. I have been humming along with a 6 person license for 2 years and I just forgot to add folks - it would seem very useful for you all to make sure we don’t do that - as if I spread it around to my colleagues, I am much more likely to up the number of users I need! I know this is on me, but it was actually quite hard to see how to add users!


Sorry for the trouble. We have some plans to make this more obvious.