Unable to create notes

I’m unable to create notes in Paperpile. When I click the note symbol of an article an input box appears below it, but it doesn’t have keyboard focus and there’s no way to select it (clicking the textbox doesn’t change anything). When I try to just type something no text appears in the note area, instead it just invokes some keyboard shortcut actions. Some imported articles already have notes attached and I am able to edit those (i.e. when clicking the text the input box gets keyboard focus and I’m able to type like normal). I’m using Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m (latest version) on Windows 10.

EDIT: also, nothing happens when I click the “Close” or “Save” button. The note area does disappear when clicking the note icon a second time.

We can reproduce to some degree. Seems to be Win10 specific, we have not seen this anywhere else. Thanks for reporting and sorry for the trouble. We are looking into it.

That should be fixed now. It’s a weird race condition and at least in our cases where we could reproduce it’s fixed. Let us know if you run into more problems.

By the way, we are aware that note taking is quite rudimentary and we have plans to improve that significantly in the future.

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