Unable to find Japanese articles whose titles contain search words

I cannot find papers in Japanese whose titles obviously contain the words to be searched for.

When I try to search for the word “透析”(the Japanese for “dialysis”),
I cannot find the article in my library entitled “維持血液透析ガイドライン:血液透析処方”
(English title: Guidelines for Maintenance Hemodialysis: Hemodialysis Prescriptions)
despite the fact that the title contains “透析”.

I have found out that when I search for the word “維持”(“maintenance”), I can find this article.
It seems that I can find Japanese articles by searching the first word of papers. But it is rather inconvenient since I do not always remember the exact titles.

I wish that this problem would be resolved. Any advise would be appreciated.

Welcome to the Paperpile community @11119 and thank you for your feedback, which I have shared with the team. Library search matches by prefix, so this is why this article appears in your search results when you search for the word “維持”, that is, the first few characters of the title. But we recognize that this is a limitation for non-alphabet based languages. We have made a bug for the issue and it will be fixed in a future release.


Thank you for your immediate response! I am looking forward to the forthcoming update.