Unable to open citations inserted by collaborators

I don’t think this was the case before, but now when I click on a reference inserted by a collaborator in the doc, I see the below. I do have access to the Google Doc (that’s where I click the reference), and I do have the Chrome extension installed. What am I missing?


@Andrey that error page appears because citation links are internal and not meant to lead anywhere (it’s always been that way). If you’re seeing this when clicking an in-text citation…

… then please restart the extension: go to More Tools > Extensions in the Chrome menu, switch the Paperpile extension off, then on again, then reload your tabs. What you should be seeing instead is this…

… which leads to a dialogue with more options (click the pencil and then the blue bubble), including the option to Open in Paperpile:

Hope this makes sense. Let me know otherwise.

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Thank you, this is helpful!

Can you please clarify the behavior for me: if my collaborator has a Paperpile entry that is referenced from the paper, and that entry has a PDF attached, am I supposed to be able to see and open that PDF?

Thanks for inquiring further, @Andrey. When clicking citations inserted by collaborators, instead of Open in Paperpile you would have the option to View / edit reference

… which would enable you to import the metadata to your library, but not the PDF from your collaborator’s library (though it would be auto-downloaded from the web if available). For PDF sharing, you would have to use our shared folders.

Unfortunately, I keep seeing the below, even after multiple page reloads and extension restarts… This is a very disrupting regression…

@Andrey, another explanation for this could be interference from other extensions. We’ve seen the Zotero extension cause this behavior, but it could be others as well.

If you have Zotero, turn it off, reload the doc and it should work. Otherwise please turn off all browser extensions, then only Paperpile back on and reload the document. You should then be able to gradually turn the others on until finding the one causing the issue. Let me know.