Unable to open citations inserted by collaborators

I don’t think this was the case before, but now when I click on a reference inserted by a collaborator in the doc, I see the below. I do have access to the Google Doc (that’s where I click the reference), and I do have the Chrome extension installed. What am I missing?


@Andrey that error page appears because citation links are internal and not meant to lead anywhere (it’s always been that way). If you’re seeing this when clicking an in-text citation…

… then please restart the extension: go to More Tools > Extensions in the Chrome menu, switch the Paperpile extension off, then on again, then reload your tabs. What you should be seeing instead is this…

… which leads to a dialogue with more options (click the pencil and then the blue bubble), including the option to Open in Paperpile:

Hope this makes sense. Let me know otherwise.

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Thank you, this is helpful!

Can you please clarify the behavior for me: if my collaborator has a Paperpile entry that is referenced from the paper, and that entry has a PDF attached, am I supposed to be able to see and open that PDF?

Thanks for inquiring further, @Andrey. When clicking citations inserted by collaborators, instead of Open in Paperpile you would have the option to View / edit reference

… which would enable you to import the metadata to your library, but not the PDF from your collaborator’s library (though it would be auto-downloaded from the web if available). For PDF sharing, you would have to use our shared folders.