Unexpected behaviour with 'Select all' / Cite

I have come across some unexpected behaviour. It’s either a bug or I suggest some wording should be changed as it is misleading.

  1. Click on a label to show all items with that label.
  2. Check the Select all button.
  3. Click on Cite.

Only the first 20 out of a total 34 citations are written to the clipboard.

The righthand side information column says: “34 papers found. 20 shown, All 34 selected”.

It is natural to assume that all 34 would be included in the citation list.


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I’m afraid I can’t reproduce. The label “Important” has 51 items, I clicked “Select all” and then “Cite > Citation”.
The message says “51 citations copied” and I verified the content of the clipboard to be actually 51 items.

Anything you did differently that led to your results?

Ah, got it. In pursuing my need for a list of brief details rather than full citations (see separate post) I chose “Cite > Citation key”. This copies the citation keys of only the visible items rather than all selected.

Is this expected, or a bug?

Cite > Citation does indeed catch all selected items.

Thanks Stefan.

Sounds like a bug, at least I can’t think of any reason why this should behave differently than the other options.

The reason why nobody has encountered it is probably because nobody cites more than 20 references in one citation.

I agree, it is an unusual thing to want to do! As I say in my other post, it’s a way of getting the brief details of a set of references out of metaPDF.

Thanks again.

This bug is still not fixed. It makes a very inconsistent user experience.

I frequently export more than 20 citation keys when either just adding some references into a new paper to work on later, or to add them to a google sheet where I can have a better overview.