Unformat citations removes my whole bibliography

When I click “unformat citations,” my entire bibliography is removed. Why is this happening, and is there any way to avoid it?


@Dan_Olson Welcome to the forum. In the Google Docs add-on, the Unformat citations option reverts in-text citations back to unformatted placeholders, in blue. This behavior is intended to make references easier to find in your document.

If you’d prefer to change citation style for example, you don’t need to unformat citations. You can click on the citation style box (Harvard in the screenshot) to open the select citation style dialog, choose another style, and then click the Update citations & bibliography button to update your reference list and in-text citations.

Yes, I want to unformat my references so the links are blue and they’re easier to spot in the document.

My problem is that in addition to unformatting my references, it also removes my bibliography. This seems like a bug, since it used to work correctly and now it doesn’t.

Thanks for the revert, @Dan_Olson. This has always been expected behavior – formatting citations makes them acquire the chosen style and creates the bibliography entries, while unformatting does the reverse. The bibliography will reappear upon formatting/updating once again; you can switch between both states as needed.

Related question. Can we unformat citations with paperpile plug-in for Word in mac?

Welcome to our forum, @Reika_Watanabe! Not at the moment — the ‘unformat citations’ command is only available from the GDocs sidebar. The request to add this feature elsewhere has come up before, so I’ve recorded your +1 on the topic on our tracker.