Universal Definitions

As I read papers, I often come across new terminology that I have to look up. I then usually add a comment that includes the definition for the term. However, since my memory is shot, it often happens that two pages later (or when I come back to the paper a few days later), I’ve already forgotten what the term means. Consequently, it would be nice if there was a “definition” category that one could use for a highlighted word. Then, ideally, one could hover over the same word (or word stem) later in the paper and see the definition that was added earlier. This feature would be even more useful if that definition could be seen in other papers entirely.

This is a feature I haven’t seen in any other reference manager, so kudos to you if you implement it.


Great idea @SirCharles! This can actually be generalized as “global notes” of some kind? Dictionary feature like you mentioned, but also other notes that could reference multiple papers, or figures/ tables etc would be very useful. Just a thought sparked by your request.

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Thanks for the request @SirCharles and for the +1 @snehesh. There has been some recent demand for a dictionary feature on the mobile reader but not for the web version. While I’m not sure how feasible this would be for us at the moment, I’ve created a new topic on our internal tracker with this feedback for the team to consider when able.

@snehesh global/standalone notes were already on our radar and will hopefully make it to the public soon. Adding your +1 to that topic as well.

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