Unsorted papers - auto update

I love the new unsorted feature - something I’ve long wanted! Thank you for adding it.

My only quibble - as I go through my list of unsorted papers, and put them into folders. shouldn’t they vanish from the list? And the number of unsorted papers - on the right hand side of the panel - is only updated when I clear the unsorted filter.

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I agree with Robert. Big thumbs up on the “unsorted” filter! This is particularly useful when papers are archived in batches, only to get buried.

You’re right Robert, in principle the list and counter could/should be updated whenever you put something in a folder or label it.

However, we decided to stick with the general behaviour Paperpile had all along. If you select a label “Important” and then remove the label from a paper it remains in the list. So we don’t recalculate the list when you change labels or folders.

We are also aware of the counter. It only gets updated once you change the filter to something else. We hate to cut corners but it was just simpler that way.