Unstable syncing on Android

I use PP on my Android Tablet. The app previously saved all changes and I could immediately see them on my computer. Today, it was weird, I noticed some changes just disappeared on the app, but on computer they did show up.

They never reappeared on my app, even after I removed and added back the pdf file. I tried making a single comment and it would not save locally on my device. I made a highlight with a note, exited markdown mode, exited to main PP, went back to PDF, edit was not preserved. [Edit: But it does show up on my computer, this is very confusing. I am worried about files overwriting each other, with unmarked buggy version on app removing edits on computer].

This has not happened before but I have not used PP app extensively.

Paperpile hasn’t been able to synchronise in a stable manner on my Android for months. It clips/adds references perfectly (to the credit of the PP team). But synch is a disaster.

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