Update credit card information does not work, account colpletely blocked

Today, out of the blue, I could not access my Paperpile account, because allegedly my credit card information needed an update. My credit card has not changed, and I checked my bank, it works and has enough credit. When I re-enter the information, I says that the card is checked and ok, but the status remains ‘needs update’.

In the meantime I can not access my account at all and am completely stalled.

I find this way of working unacceptable. You should not block an account out of the blue. In an e-mail it is stated that you will try again in a few days but I can’t stop working “a few days”. I am confident this is an issue at Paperpile’s side and should be addressed immediately.

Thank you for letting us know here and for contacting support directly @Hendrik_Delagrange. I see our billing specialist has helped you. To resolve billing issues, we recommend contacting support directly via chat or emailing support@paperpile.com.

Thank you @suzanne for your reply. The issue has indeed been resolved. Nevertheless I think the process needs a check, because being blocked out completely all of a sudden without warning shouldn’t happen. One should at least get a warning and a ‘grace period’ that would allow you to get the problem solved of evacuate your library.