Update on EZProxy support and workarounds

We are aware that many of our users are waiting for EZproxy support (downloading PDFs through their institution’s library proxy).

After some major updates that will be released in the coming weeks, support for EZProxy throughout Paperpile has become a priority on our roadmap.

I want point out that Paperpile already supports import of PDFs through a proxy. Simply follow the instructions by your library and open the PDF via the proxy. Once you see the PDF, use the “P” button in the chrome toolbar to import the PDF.

Another strategy is to import only the meta-data of the PDF while off-campus. When Paperpile hits a paywall it will mark these PDF as ‘restricted’. Once back on campus you can filter for the restricted PDFs, select them and then download all the PDFs in bulk (see second screenshot)

We will post any updates here and in the original thread on the topic:

Resolving PDFs through EZProxy.

Thanks for your patience.