Updating Citations

I recently was sent a bunch of pdfs into Paperpile (400 papers) to then realize the citations are all inaccurate and would have to be edited one by one. For over 400 papers this would not be time-efficient. Is there any way to update citations as I go by dragging in an RIS version from the web or somehow uploading citation into paperpile separately and merging with version already in paperpile?

Thanks for the query, @ktejeda. You might want to try our auto-update function first, which could potentially correct errors from uploaded citations by matching with info from the web. You can select multiple citations and on the top menu click More actions… > Auto-Update to see what happens.

Depending on how that goes, another alternative would be to try uploading that RIS version from the web you mentioned (or any other standard-format citation file) directly to Paperpile. If that imports correctly, you should then be able to filter by ‘Duplicates’ via the left-hand column options and merge as desired.

Let me know how you fare. I took the liberty of adding some extra time to your trial to compensate for any time lost by my delayed reply :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers!

Hi @ktejeda, continuing our discussion here. No further suggestions on my end, I’m afraid. Did you try what I mentioned above with the RIS file and the ‘Duplicates’ filter, or was it not possible for you to do that? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I did and it took care of a few. I made the rookie movie of uploading all the pdf’s that were saved with more than just the name of the article, making it hard for paperpile to detect duplicates. Thanks for trying!