Updating references overwrite text in google doc

Hi, i’m a happy user of Paperpile extension in google docs and I’m experiencing an issue I’ve never encountered before.

when i update the reference style, paperpile overwrites a part of my manuscript with the updated list of reference, and there’s a part of the text that is lost (10 rows approximately).
i don’t understand why paperpile is adding the references in the middle of the document.
what is the solution for this?

solved. a word at the beginning of the paragraph was erroneously linked to the paperpile reference causing the update to overwrite the entire paragraph. i’m not sure why this is the case.

Thanks @Fabiola_Curion for your report and I’m happy that you solved it. It sounds like you found the word/element that contained a hidden Paperpile link and caused the bibliography to populate that space.

This happens when an element from the bibliography (even a single character) was copied to the main body of the text, which makes the Paperpile Google Docs tool think that’s where the reference list should start. The solution is to delete whatever was copied.

If this issue happens again and you can’t remember exactly what element might contain a hidden Paperpile link, you can copy the suspected section and click ‘Paste without formatting’, replace any lost citations, and then reformat to see if it worked.