URL to paper from beta extension

When browsing shared papers, if I open a paper added by someone else, the URL is paperpile.com/view/<UUID>. It is super helpful that this is a link I can send to a colleague or put in a document. However, if I open a paper that I added to the shared folder (while using the Paperpile extension), the URL is chrome-extension://<gibberish>/view.html?mp=<ID>. This URL is not shareable, obviously. Furthermore, it is not easy to get a shareable URL for papers I have shared (I have to go back to the main interface, then find the paper in my All Papers, and finally select “Share > Share via link or email”).

Could a button be added to the Paperpile extension UI that copies a shareable URL to the clipboard? If like my first example, this did not actually change the sharing permissions, that would be ideal.

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You can use the sharing shortcut (shift + S) for this.

Thanks. I did not know about that shortcut. For future people finding this issue, the shortcut works in the main Paperpile app when the citation of interest is selected.