Use Paperpile on Web of Science

Hi, I wonder if I can use Paperpile on Web of Science pages. I did not see a Paperpile icon. Am I missing something? Thank you!

Same for Semantic Scholar please!

Welcome to the community, @Haolin_Shen! We should display buttons on Web of Science search results. If so, could you check your library Settings > Browser Integration and make sure the option is ticked like below?

We also display buttons for Semantic Scholar, On updating Chrome just now, I found that the Paperpile buttons had disappeared in Semantic Scholar, but restarting the extension resolved the problem on my end. Go to More Tools > Extensions in the Chrome menu, switch the Paperpile extension off, then on again, then reload your tabs or open a new browser window. Let me know if that does not resolve the problem.

Ah I see the problem now, the Paperpile buttons do show up next to articles on search result pages, but they don’t show up for citations, similar papers etc. when viewing a specific article’s page. Could that be added as a feature request please?

That’s right,, the Paperpile button does not show up in the citations and related tabs in Semantic Scholar; you do have to click on each reference to collect it with Paperpile. I have added your request to our tracker.