Use paperpile web version from android?

Is it possible to use the web version of paperpile from an Android device? This would bypass some of the issues with the Android app, though I assume it would not work offline.

I tried going to / sign in, but it says “please sign up for the Trial on your desktop computer. In the meantime you can try Paperpile for Android.”

Seems like it might be an easy improvement to just remove this warning and let people sign in?

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I think the web version relies on Chrome extension and these do not work on Android browsers.

I’ve had marginal successes with the Kiwi Browser app from the Play Store and installing the Paperpile extension there. I can use the web app, but still can’t get the “add to Paperpile” button working.

What are the issues you are experiencing with the Android app?

Last time I used it, I was really impressed with how stable and helpful it was.

If you force your mobile browser to use the desktop site, you can log in, but the site then asks for the Chrome extention which you can’t install in the mobile browser. You can’t proceed to the site without the extention, even though you can see the main page sitting there greyed out under the ‘install the extention’ dialog.

Yes I had this same experience, in both chrome and edge.
So it is not possible to use the web version at the moment.

@ Andrey the main problem with the Android app is with annotations, described in this thread:
Android annotations disappear on Samsung tablet - Support - Paperpile Forum

It might be only on Samsung tablets, but that is one of the most popular brands I think. It sounds like from that thread that it might be fixed sometime soon.


Yes, this times infinity. The app is fine, but i can’t easily use it to make LaTeX citations when I am writing papers on my tablet. It would be fine in web, but it is not allowed.