User created reference style

It seems like PaperPile uses the styles found at:

Is it possible to fork the github repository for citationstyles, make changes and add my own styles and then point PaperPile to my style list?

If so how could I do this?

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Sure. Just upload your custom CSL file at Settings > Citation Styles > Custom Styles. It will then appear in the list of available styles in Google Docs.

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I dont see any custom styles when I am in the google doc… I search for the one up,oaded and cant find it… any suggestions?

We’ve already talked via chat, but I’ll include the answer here in case anybody else needs it.

After you’ve uploaded your file here, in Paperpile Settings…

… you should be able to search for it like any other style (with the exact name on the file you uploaded) and it’ll be tagged as a custom style: