Using bibtex citation key in google docs


Is it possible to import the bibtex citation key instead of the standard first author and date?
I would like to get \cite{Haak2013-cv} instead of standard (Haak et al. 2013) when I import a reference from paperpile. Is that possible?

It makes it easier to transfer to latex for final setup.


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It’s not possible to insert BibTeX keys, but if your goal is to transfer it to LaTeX in the end, we have covered this use-case.

You can automatically export a version of your document with all author-date citations converted to BibTeX keys (Cog menu > Export):

That’s great.

sorry i’m a bit new but where do I find the cog > export you’ve shown in the picture?

Sorry, I was not clear here. You need to install our new side-bar addon from the Docs webstore:

Here you’ll find the export menu:

Thanks a lot. It works perfectly. Also thank you for the quick reply