Using Google Docs with Paperpile? Beta test our new Add-on!

We will introduce a new citation add-on for Google Docs soon. It will not replace the current plugin but will offer new features. If you are interested, please help us with feedback.

If you are already in the beta tester group in this forum, check out this thread for details:

If not, just post a quick note here and we will give you access.

I like to test

I’ve added you. Please even if you don’t encounter issues, let us know. Google’s add-on install procedure can be finicky sometimes and any feedback that it works is actually helpful.

I would definitely like to test this, thanks.

I’ve added you.

Sign me up!

Done. Let us know how it worked for you. Any feedback is welcome!

Hi - please add me to the beta.

You’re added

I would love to help with testing.

Thanks! I’ve added you to the group.

I’d be glad to be a beta tester.

Thanks. I’'ve added you as well.

Hi Stefan, I would like to experiment with it!

Hi, I would like to try as well!

Thanks. I’ve added you.

I’ve added you as well.

I’d like to test the new add-on as well.

Thanks in advance!

Please add me.

Sign me up!