Using journal metadata

I just thought of this - there is a lot of metadata out there about authors, journals, issues, articles, references, etc. PP could take a huge leap by incorporating this meta data. For example, 84% of AMA articles include references. Crossref (DOI) has a standard XML schema:

here’s another schema

I could see being able to search on Orcid ID / author, or follow an article’s reference list, etc

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Nice find. We have been following what CrossRef offers for years now and license their data. The metadata coverage was quite spotty in the past as it depends on the individual publishers who submit this data.

But things really got better. I totally agree that this information will improve our product. That’s why we just hired a new team member to lead our internal data team. The first project he started was to build the citation graph for all papers in CrossRef.

As usual, I can’t give any concrete timeline, but you will see the benefits of this effort at some point in the product.