Using paperpile for curriculum vitae?


I am often asked for for a .doc version of my CV, so I am considering to migrate it to a google doc using paperpile… but I ran into a few issues for which I am not sure there are solutions:

  1. is it possible to insert a bibliography without citations?
  2. you would need to include multiple bibliographies (or restart the count) in the same document, is that possible?
  3. would it be possible to change the formatting of a single author to bold or underlined (this seems tough)?


It is currently only possible to get a bibliography when using in-text citations, and also multiple bibliographies in one document are not supported. Formatting a single author bold is also not possible.

But here is an easy way to get a bibliography in Paperpile itself. Here is how to do it:

  1. Organize you publications in a folder or label. I used a label called “My Publications”
  2. Select the label and then select all publications in that label
  3. Sort e.g. by “publication date” or “title” via the sort options on the right hand side panel
  4. press “CONTROL + C”, which will copy the formatted citations to the clipboard and you can paste them anywhere you want
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great, thanks!

Andreas, I think this method is not optimal. We need an automatic CV curation. You are facing competition from e.g. that have semi-automatic CV bibliography functions. Even the NIH has this function on their own CV website.

I have exactly the same problem as Giovanni. In the last 3 months alone, my lab and clinical research team has produced 12 papers, 3 of which are submitted and on preprint servers, some get an “eprint” DOI from the journal before they have pages assigned. I’d like to list them in my CV, too, because I can (thanks to the D.O.I. of preprint servers). But I hate to manually curate my publication list to the final version.

Please consider automating CV reference listing. I’m sure postdoc level and especially faculty level users need to send CVs here and there all the time.

I’ve experimented by having “invisible” citations (basically several lines with Paperpile citation fields) just above the “manuscript” section of my CV but then it is not easy to order them in the right way.

I guess one could
1. drop all references into a single Paperpile function field (popup bubble); that is tedious above 10 and nearly impossible to keep straight with 50.
2. create a citation style that orders references by date of publication (instead of name of author first, then date; or instead of chronological appearance in the text). <= does such a style actually exist? how do I create one?

How can we make this a feature request? I don’t seem to be able to find the ability to set a flag or hashtag.

How would you like to automatize that? If you have put your papers in a folder and click ctrl-c you get a bibliography with your papers.

It should be easy to generate a citation style ordered by publication year. We can do that for you. Which style do you want as base style?

Imagine doing this for the last 12 manuscripts in the last two months:

12 times: for preprint server version
12 times: for in press version
12 times: for final version
= 36 copy paste

and that is just for manuscripts!!
We have three times the output of that for posters and talks.

See an example of how one could generate an auto-updating personal publication list

Thanks, I did not realize you want to update your CV every time something changes in your bibliography. If you only update it once a while you only have to copy/paste once on every update. It’s a use case that we have not heard often probably because people want to fine tune their bibliography in their CV so copy/and paste is actually what they want.

But I can see your use case.

Anyway. It’s definitely possible to have a line with citations and a style sorted by date. I think it’s more maintainable to add the citations like [1][2][3] because the citation window does not scale to so many citations.

Which style is that?

style suggestions for auto-updating personal publication list:

  1. ordered by publication date (also have the reverse option - that is what the NIH wants)
  2. all authors listed (except when exceeding 15 authors)
  3. last author always listed
  4. is there a way of making a select author bold (i.e. the author who creates that list)? This is useful for postdocs who may not always be first author and typically not last author. It is easy to find the individual that way.
  5. allow choice of URL or DOI inclusion

Probably best template to start with:
National Library of Medicine (grant proposals with PMCID/PMID)
Adds required PMCID, or if absent adds optional PMID from extra field in bibliography

I’ll take with @andreas, he’s our citation style expert. I only fear that even if we can get a 95% correct style there will be a few items you need/want to tweak by hand. Then suddenly the whole system breaks down because these tweaks get lost when you automatically format the bibliography.

I don’t recall how to create a customized style by hand. It wasn’t too bad as far as I remember. Even I could do it and I’m easily overwhelmed by bibtex in latex (latest adventure)!
If you can point me to how to do that we can do it on our own.

Please have a look here:

You can start with national-library-of-medicine-grant-proposals.csl and see how it goes. Let us know if you get stuck.