Viewer with annotations: chromebook text selection with pen/stylus not working

I love the Viewer with annotations, but selecting text with a pen on a chromebook (so that I can highlight or add a comment) simply doesn’t work. If I touch with the pen and hold, a word gets selected, but if I move the selector even just a little bit the whole PDF text gets selected.

In fact I’m using it out of the annotation mode. Try opening your pdf and select the text you wish to highlight . Along with copy you should have the option to highlight the selected text. This way it’s much more dependable and doesn’t select the whole pdf as it happens to me in the annotating/highlighting mode.
Let’s hope coders can correct the glitch.

Welcome to our forum, @Andre_Bianchessi! Thank you (and @Ernesto_de_Bernardis as well) for the feedback. The fact is we have yet to develop concrete support for stylus features on the web viewer – we’ve kept track of demand for this throughout the years but have unfortunately not been able to prioritize the topic thus far. The PDF viewer is scheduled for updates once we’ve released some of what’s currently on the pipeline (by the end of this year) and stylus support will be among several other important considerations.