Visual distracting red button

Paperpile is fantastic and a joy to use. Buttons and menus are mostly where you expect to find them and relevant info pops up where you need it, and it works consistently and quickly compared to other browser based bibliographic software.

But there is one big problem visually, and that is the big, distracting RED button in the sidebar to “update citations and bibliography”. Why red? Red is a warning color that signifies that an error has occurred that must be fixed. How about green or blue? I keep the sidebar closed solely because the red is so distracting. I know you have bigger fish to fry, but this one would be really quick to change, should you agree with my reasoning.

The add-on follows the Google Docs color scheme and it’s not unusual to use red buttons as “call to action” buttons. They are not necessarily eserved for warning or danger.

Actually when we first published the add-on, the add-on system was invite-only and we did several iterations of the UI with the help of a Google engineer.

That said, we will revisit the UI of sidebar at some point. We have worked on new features for the upcoming Word plugin and they will be added to the Docs plugin as well. So the UI will change and we can reconsider the color scheme (also in the light of the design changes of Google Docs itself over the past years).

I understand where you’re coming from. I’m glad you’ll revisit the sidebar at some point.