Web links for folders and labels

Hi, is there any reason not to have web links for read-only sharing on standard folders and labels? That would make it easy to share a research library with a group without having to duplicate the organisation to the shared folders.

No, there is not particular reason for that. As we get more customers from companies and organizations who like to use Paperpile as a company wide paper repository, we are actually actively thinking about this scenario.

Adding a web link would be possible but we probably will do this only in the context of a more comprehensive update to our sharing features.

The problem at the moment with the shared folders is that in order to share a collection with any complexity in structure, you need to do it twice. Once with ordinary non-shared folders so you can manage it (being able to see if a paper is filed, where it’s filed, and have the folders and labels exportable through bibtex/json so you don’t lose that work), and once for sharing (items in shared folder don’t indicate where they are filed and don’t export that info either). Then to keep these two structures in sync it’s easier to periodically wipe the shared contents and copy across the items from the normal folders.

An alternative to sharing links for ordinary folders would be to have the items indicate which folders they are in, i.e. “shared in…” and have that info exported in bibtex or at least json. That way you could do away with the ordinary folders and organise the papers in the shared folders only and save the double handling.

If labels appeared and formed clickable filters in the shared url then that could work quiet well