WebDAV or Amazon S3 support?

I watched some threads about requesting for supporting cloud storage services like iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox, and so on.

Before I use a paperpile, I used my private NAS and I store all my pdfs.

Paperpile is a great management system, but the sync option is still limited to GApps.

Could you consider WebDAV or S3 (like MinIO) as a secondary option for cloud feature?


Welcome to our forum, @Jaehyun_Jang! This is definitely something we are in a position to consider, so I’ve added your feedback to the relevant topic on our tracker for the team to review.

A suggestion in the meantime would be using third-party software like Zapier to establish automated backup from Drive to S3.

WebDAV Amazon S3 Integrations are coming soon at WebDAV

WebDAV Amazon S3 Integrations are coming soon at WebDAV.io. You will be able to sign up for our service and get credentials to connect to our WebDAV gateway server. It will automatically upload any files from our servers to the S3 Bucket of your choice. This enables you to connect accounts without having to go to any trouble of maintaining webdav servers, setting up webdav servers, managing Amazon S3 WebDAV connections, or any other unnecessary pains.

i love when they would add their own integration