What Citation Style Is This?

This is my first time using Paperpile. I’m trying to figure out what citation style the following is:

1. El-Rabbany, A. (2002). Introduction to GPS, The global positioning system, Boston, London: Artech House.

It seems to be a numbered version of APA? Is there any way to replicate that in Paperpile?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @HCAZ welcome to the forum! You can use this tool to identify a style (or the style closest to it), then edit it according to your needs. The CSL file can then be exported, imported into Paperpile and used as a custom style. Happy to help if you have trouble getting it to work.


Thanks @giovanni! Really appreciate you taking the time out to respond to me. The tool you mention is very useful, thank you for sharing that. I will definitely bookmark it! I tried it on the above but I’m not getting an exact match, the closest is a 13% match. The date for instance isn’t in the same position. I’m wondering if what I have is a custom ‘housestyle’ maybe - is there any way I can edit a CSL file, that might just do the trick? Thanks again!

Yes, this website also allows you to edit and save a custom style. I tried to create a numbered APA, attached, you can import that in Paperpile following this guide or the steps below.

hope this helps!
numbered-apa.csl (58.7 KB)

  • Open Paperpile
  • Go to “Settings > Citation Styles > Custom styles”, click the “Upload CSL file” button and select the downloaded CSL file.
  • The newly added citation style will be listed in the “Custom styles” section on successful upload.

That’s really helpful @giovanni - thank you so much! Very easy to follow instructions.

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