What is the best solution for export from kindle to paperpile?

Hi everyone I recently bought a kindle and download some pdf from this ebook website but I like to sync up my kindle and paperpile library because I like to write papers on Google Docs. So I want to export my entire Kindle library and have each reference WITH its pdf attached in Paperpile, In the Paperpile documentation they talk about doing a RIS export from Endnote and then import into Paperpile, but I can’t find a similar thing in amazon kindle. Do you think there is or there are solutions for this? Thanks for your help

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Hi, I too am looking at ways to export from an e-reader into Paperpile. Can anyone advise whether this is possible; for example, from kindle to Paperpile? Or Kobo to Paperpile? Thanks

Welcome to our forum, @ErikaN! Thanks for the query. Paperpile can import references from the following file types:

  • BibTeX (.bib)
  • RIS (.ris or .txt)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • NBIB (.nbib)
  • EndNote files (.enw or .xml)

If you’re able to obtain any of those formats from your e-reader, or perhaps convert the files you obtain to PDF format, that could then be imported to Paperpile.In any case, the request to support kindle / epub formats has come up before so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.