Where are notes and annotations in PDFs stored?

I am thinking of exporting all of my PDFs into one folder (rather than in alphanumeric folders) but concerned that I might lose all of the notes and annotations. Does Paperpile stores these inside the PDF or as annotations file somewhere?

If I export from Paperpile to Zotero, will those annotations be recognised?

Thanks in advance



@Gareth_Lock Notes and annotations are saved on the PDF itself. If you have Google Drive Sync enabled, all highlights, notes and annotations will be available on the PDFs in Google Drive. If you don’t have sync enabled, and choose instead to individually save the PDFs to disk, the annotations will also be available. Importing these PDFs into Zotero will preserve the annotations and notes.

Thank you. I exported via .ris and kept the same folder structure, and so everything was carried over.



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