Where are the Extract And Summary features

Hello everyone,
For some reason I recall that there is an Extract from Bibliography feature in Paperpile. Like it extracts the references in a bibliography and create entries for them in paperpile if they don’t already exist. Am I imagining or the feature actually exist.

Also, I saw feature on the features speaks of summaries of papers, I also can’t find where that is, where do I “type or create” a summary for a specific paaper. Please guide me.

Thank you.

An extraction feature like you describe would be great but is not a direction we’ve been able to take yet. Not sure which software can do this.

We are able to generate summaries from a PDF’s highlights and notes. The options Summary and Export appear at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar on our beta PDF viewer. Let me know if you can’t find it or need more details.

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Hello Vincente,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
Not sure where I came up with that extraction feature/idea from, and no, I’m not aware of any software that does that. I just thought it is there and I couldn’t find it. thank you for clarifying.

I was able to locate the summary/export feature. Thanks for that as well.

I think under the summary/export concept, I really wish that paperpile considers improving the “notes” field on a paper/book entry. This is where a true summary should be, I go through hoops to actually have a complete summary on a paper or a book-chapter. This is really essential to the nature of the software, I want to think about this “notes” or any other new field a short “literature review” or my own “abstract”
Thanks again.

Bye now!.

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