Whoops — something went wrong while formatting your document. Please try again or contact support

I was formatting a document that was initially written by a colleague, who started using paperpile after I introduced it to him. However, when I tried to format the citation, I got the above error message for the first time in the few years I used paperpile. Thinking this might be related to the original google doc was written by the colleague, I copied the content to a new file but got the same message. I then started a new gdoc with one newly inserted ref and got the same message. I even uninstalled the plugin and extension but still got the same error messge. I am thinking I might need to get rid of the local cache but not sure where that is. Please help!


In most cases, this is a temporary error which results from some rate-limiting from Google we can encounter when formatting large documents, or multiple times within a short time span.

There are two workarounds:

  1. Wait a couple of minutes before formatting again.

  2. Use our optional sidebar add-on to format. It is available here, and can be opened by going to Add-ons --> Paperpile --> Manage Citations, in the Google Docs menu.