Why do different citations format differently? Google Docs Add-on

Hi there,

I’m using Paperpile for it’s Google Docs Add-on. Upon clicking “Update citations & bibliography”, one of my references formats strangely, and in a way I do not like. I am using MLA style and was expecting it to format as (Author Page) which it does for other references in the document. Why is this?

EDIT: What it is doing for that reference is putting (Author, Title, Page)
Thanks for any help!

Can you post the problematic citation? The rules are complex and depending on the reference type and other factors there might be a good reason why it’s formatted that way. It should be easy to tell once we can see the reference.

I had the same problem when trying to update my citations. Sometimes the software can’t figure out the meaning and it formats it strangely. Try checking out other add-on’s or as Stefan said, if you can post the citation we can try to help. In addition see this page if you need more information about the problem at hand.
I hope this helps.