Why does Paperpile truncate author list in references?

This is what I see

Not sure why it et al’s in this section. I can’t figure out if this is an issue with the style or a setting. I’d appreciate any help. This is with Paperpile on Google Docs.

Hi, Karthik, welcome to PP. Most of the results that you will see in PP are caused by the formatting requirements of the style you are using. For example, the JOSS article has 16 authors. For example APA style uses an elipsis after 20 authors. You can also look in your artle entry in PP to see what it has there.

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Thanks for the speedy reply, Bruce!

Here’s the full list on the reference entry

Wickham, Hadley; Averick, Mara; Bryan, Jennifer; Chang, Winston; McGowan, Lucy; François, Romain; Grolemund, Garrett; Hayes, Alex; Henry, Lionel; Hester, Jim; Kuhn, Max; Pedersen, Thomas; Miller, Evan; Bache, Stephan; Müller, Kirill; Ooms, Jeroen; Robinson, David; Seidel, Dana; Spinu, Vitalie; Takahashi, Kohske; Vaughan, Davis; Wilke, Claus; Woo, Kara; Yutani, Hiroaki

In this case it seems to have truncated at 6 authors. APA does truncate after 19 authors. Do you know of another style that allows the full list?

Issue resolved itself when I reformatted again after starting this thread.


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