Wish for top-level containers


I’m generally very happy with PP, and I only have a few feature requests - here is number one!

I really miss the ability to create more top-level containers like ALL PAPERS (and name them appropriately).
The reason for this, is that I work in several fields namely as a historian, a biologist, a geographer and as a high school teacher, and it would be very nice and structurally preferable to be able to separate my materials completely on a higher level than ‘folders’.

‘Add papers’ should then be to that top-level folder that are active and/or chosen as default. And you should be able to move a material from one to the other.

Yours sincerely

You can already create subfolders, so it seems you could set things up as you like. All that’s missing is the idea of having a default folder and being able to add files directly to the currently selected folder. Of the two, I think the second is something that others would find useful and has already been suggested elsewhere in the forums: