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Hi, I’ve been using paperpile for a bit now and noticed recently that when I find papers on the ACL Anthology that the paper import seems newly broken (worked as of maybe a week ago). For example, if I try to add this paper Question Answering for Privacy Policies: Combining Computational and Legal Perspectives - ACL Anthology I see this

Anecdotally, I noticed something similar happening with PDF in semantic scholar not being found, but haven’t tested that more.

I’m running on Linux + Vivaldi/Chrome + Paperpile extension. Thanks!

Hi @pedro!
Thank you for reaching out to us. I will let the team know about this issue, and in the meantime, you can import the papers by opening the PDF and using the Paperpile extension.

Regarding the Semantic Scholar issue, I could not reproduce it. If you encounter those issues again, could you please send us some links to the articles that cause it.

Thanks for looking into the issue. In the meantime I’ve been manually adding citation information since the PDF parser seems to mess up (the title is often hacked up, proceedings name is blended with venue, the year isn’t put in etc). As you might imagine, doing this manually is doable but slows down my workflow quite a bit and I really prefer to grab the ACL anthology cite since it has much more information than semantic/google scholar.

Here is one example of PDF import not working correctly https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/D08-1027.pdf

Thanks for the updates! We already have a fix in place for import issues on https://www.aclweb.org/ which will be available with the upcoming update. We also have the PDF import issue in our backlog and are working on it.
Stay tuned!

Thanks, look forward to the update. In case its bothering others, I came up with a decent workaround: import as website reference, then click auto-update, then click auto find/download PDF and the result is similar to how it worked before (with a few more clicks)

Has the update been released? I’m still seeing the same behavior, including on papers that are already in my paperpile collection

I am experiencing the same issue.

Helo @pedro @Fei_Sha!
The update should be ready by the end of the week. We had some more fixes and tweaks to implement in order to make Paperpile even better :wink:
I will let you know as soon as the update rolls out. Thank you for your patience!

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