A new and hopefully useful Docs add-on

Hi all

I recently posted to spread word of my add-on Footnote Stylist because I figured that Paperpile users like me would find it useful. I have now written another free add-on that is very useful for the same audience.

The add on is called Text Cleaner. It is essentially a much more sophisticated version of clear formatting. It allows you to clear formatting without clearing italics and bold. For example, suppose you copy a quotation from a paper that has italics. Normally, you would have to clear formatting and then reapply the italics. Text Cleaner solves this problem. It also removes line breaks, multiple spaces and other annoying features of text that is copied, usually from PDFs. All of this is customisable and is applied in a single click once set up.

I developed this add-on for times when I was copying text from PDFs, websites and Word Docs and it saved me a lot of time. I hope it also helps people here.

Let me know what y’all think and if you like it, please leave a review (or if you don’t, leave feedback).

Thanks :smile:


Fantastic. Thanks so much for creating this.

@Asif_Mehedi no problem. I hope it helps you

Thank you from me too for the text cleaner! Now I don’t have to do multiple find and replaces or email it to myself at work so I could do it in MS Word. Very helpful.

This extension is excellent, and will save me a lot of time reformatting documents. I think even Word doesn’t provide most of these functions. Thank you David!

@CKsid @Rob No problem!