Access to Settings on iOS

At the moment the process of managing a Paperpile account on iOS is very cumbersome. There needs to be a way to access the Settings feature (things like billing etc) on an iPhone or iPad. I understand why this can not be part of the application (Apple’s 30% cut), but if you don’t make it part of the app then customers need to be able to access this through the web browser on the iPad/iPhone. I was trying to check to see how long I have left in my subscription to see if it is worth giving Paperpile another shot now that it works on Safari and the process went like this:

Tried to access the site using Safari on my iPhone, but Paperpile won’t let me access the site at all and tells me to use the application. Tried the application, nothing about my account information and billing is available in the application. Tried using the web browser on the iPad, still couldn’t access the site, used the “request desktop site” feature, but still no luck, tried iCab set to spoof Chrome, no luck. Went to my Mac and turned it on, and was able to access the site… but not the settings/billing information (this is not available in the new version). Switched to the old version of Paperpile and was told my browser was no longer supported and that I had to use Chrome. Downloaded Chrome (I recently updated my machine so it was not installed on the computer), and still couldn’t access anything without first installing the plugin (which I have no idea why I need just to look at the settings screen). Finally, after downloading Chrome and installing the plugin I was able to access the settings.

That is not a great process to have to go through in terms of customer experience and there should be a way to access this on iOS, either through the app or through the browser.


Thank you for your feedback @gavinbrooks. I’ve shared your comments on having Settings accessible on the browser on iPad/iPhone with the team. In the new web app, in beta, it will be possible to access Settings in the browser without having to first download the browser extension, so at least, in the future, that piece of friction will be removed.