is now

Hi, is now changed to
This breaks the functionality of the Paperpile Chrome extension:

  • showing “Add as a website reference” instead of “Add to Paperpile.”
  • got incomplete data for the Paperpile article
  • attaching no PDF to the Paperpile article

Meanwhile, I can add a paper successfully from the Google result that still keeps using previous format.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Welcome to our forum, @tosho, and thanks for the report. We had a similar issue last year with ACL which the team addressed; I’ve let them know about the name change so the necessary adjustments can be made. Will let you know when there’s an update.

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@vicente getting this escalated in priority would be fantastic, ACL 2021 starts this coming week and it would be very helpful if this works by then.

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A fix for this has been developed and will be online with our next release, likely within the next few days. I’ll post again here once the team confirms!

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Seems the problem has been fixed! Now I’m able to successfuly import articles in
Thanks for your effort and quick release :slight_smile: