Add an option to redirect bibliography entries' links to the DOI


I’m currently working on a grant application, for which I’m a bit struggling with the PaperPile functionality.

As there’re always strict page limits, it’s preferential to have the bibliography section as short as possible, which I’ve already achieved via A minimal citation style(for grant proposals) – This can be further combined with the 2-column layout, and this combination works fantastically well!!

However, my issue is that the final PDF should point to the corresponding URLs of the referenced papers, which currently doesn’t seem to be achievable via PaperPile and needs to be done manually as an additional manual postprocessing step.

I would very much appreciate, if there was an option for changing the default links, pointing to URLs like paperpile . com / b / oa…, to the respective DOIs (doi . org / …).

(Despite the fact I’m using PaperPile on a daily basis, I’ve never ever used any of the links pointing to, and I’m always trying to remove these from the final files, but understand some other people might find them useful. That’s why I believe an additional option in settings would be the way to go.)

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to our forum, @Karel_Brinda! While it’s not possible to automatically modify citation/bibliography links (only removing them), the citation style can be modified with CSL’s web editor to include the actual DOI links in the bibliographic reference. The Paperpile links will still be active unless purposefully stripped, but the DOI links should be clickable.

Would that be a suitable solution, or would it clutter the reference list too much? I updated the style just in case; you can download it from minimal-style-for-grant-proposals-DOI.csl (3.6 KB).

Hi @vicente, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, adding dois does not really solve the problem – every single occurrence of a doi identified would add a new line in this case, thus effectively doubling the length of the bibliography.

Is there a chance this feature could be implemented in the future? I believe there’s a general interest in this community in having clickable references pointing to actual actual papers rather than non-functioning Paperpile entries (“You cannot view or change the references of this document”, etc).

I’ve just tried the style you uploaded and it indeed doubles the length of the bibliography.