Add annotations in android via alternate app+google drive?

A thought r.e. sidestepping the problems where the android app does not save annotations on samsung tablets:

A possible alternate approach would be to install the google drive app, open the Gdrive paperpile folder, open the particular file with a pdf editor, make the desired annotations, close the app (or do whatever to insure that the file is saved).

This would have the advantage that we could use any app (with its full features), however I do not know how it would work offline. At the very least I guess one would need to open the file in the app before going offline to ensure that it is cached.

Do you think this should work / is anyone using this?

I briefly tried it on a test file (using the Xodo editor). It successfully saved the annotation, however it does not seem to record the chosen font size (the annotation is huge).

There’s been some increase in demand for this possibility since last year, for the mobile and web viewers alike. One of such requests:

While not something we’re actively considering at the moment, the matter is on our radar and we continue tracking user demand.

As Stefan mentions on that thread above, if a PDF viewer uses ISO-conforming annotations, Paperpile should be able to automatically sync annotations in both direction from Google Drive.

Thank you. I will try editing via google drive in alternate apps and see if some other ones work.

I have tried this suggestion, but I am still losing my annotations on articles I save in Paperpile when I switch from my laptop to android tablet. I have tried annotating and saving to Google Drive directly, annotating and saving in Paperpile using the viewer, and other methods but no luck. I am still losing all of my annotations in Paperpile and the Google Drive folder it is linked to. I am losing so much time. Any other suggestions?